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Kawaii Culture

What is Kawaii culture? Kawaii is essentially the “cuteness” that infiltrates Japanese culture. It’s seen everywhere, from clothing, to toys, to behavior. It’s difficult to explain but you’ll know when you see it. People in the States would look at it and think “Juvenile” or “Young”, but here in Japan, Kawaii is not limited to adolescent girls. Adults, teens, and children alike like “kawaii” things. We most associate Kawaii with Hello Kitty and Pokémon, but it can apply to anything that is considered cute.

DSC05798Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Toy

DSC05756Pet Shops

DSC05776Monkeys in the Pet Shops

DSC05318Dressing and Posing “Kawaii” 

DSC05403Hello Kitty

DSC05165Dog Kimono

DSC04955Bus Keychain Toy


DSC04858Tamagotchi Donut Shop 

I definitely went to Japan thinking that kawaii culture was silly and only for young girls, but I may or may not have left with a Rilakkuma stuffed toy and a hot pink Hello Kitty suitcase!!