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Outdoor Adventures in Maui: Parasailing

Welcome to Part Two of my “Outdoor Adventures in Maui” guide! To see Part One: Snorkeling, Click Here.

As I mentioned in my first post on outdoor adventures, Alex and I find ourselves looking for active pursuits when we travel. Despite being on an island famous for its beautiful beaches, we got antsy at the thought of sitting on the beach and sunbathing all day. Parasailing is one of the many activities that we filled our time with:


This was our first time parasailing. I didn’t know what to expect, but was open to the opportunity and was curious to try it out. After making reservations online with a local company, we drove to Lahaina, where we boarded an inflatable boat docked right on the beach…it was very informal, and I thought we might have been in the wrong place initially. But we stepped on board the inflatable boat, which then takes you to the larger boat that you will parasail from. There were about 6-8 other people with us at the time and everyone had to wear a lifejacket. One couple at a time, the boat crew sent us off to soar behind the boat for about ten minutes or so. When our turn came, Alex and I were strapped into the harness on the back of the boat and then released. Slowly, we become airborne and were looking down below from extraordinary heights.




Surprisingly, it was not a scary experience like I’d imagined. There was no wind up there, and it was incredibly peaceful and quiet. I don’t remember feeling much movement other than the gradual takeoff and landing, which was smooth. The views were also extraordinary, and well worth the experience.