Palace of Versailles: Photo Tour

Versailles is perhaps most well-known as the home of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. It’s also one of the most ornate palaces around the world, characterized by perfectly manicured gardens and seemingly-endless gold. Alex and I visited the palace back in 2012, during a sculpture exhibition by artist Joana Vasconcelos. Here’s a quick photo tour of our visit:

DSC07220Golden Gates

DSC07221Front View of Palace

DSC07227View of the Gardens from the Inside

DSC07229Royal Chapel

DSC07239Floor to Ceiling Windows

DSC07240“Black Independent Heart”

DSC07241Hall of Mirrors

DSC07258“Marilyn, 2011”

DSC07262“Red Independent Heart”


DSC07266Queen’s State Apartment and “Wig” Sculpture

DSC07274Palace Front

DSC07279Back Exterior of the Palace

DSC07281Beautiful Gardens

DSC07284Gardens and Fountain

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