Tokyo Day Tour: Japanese Gardens and Tea Ceremony

The first part of our Tokyo Day Tour with Viator included a visit to the Tokyo Tower. We had a great time there, but it was a very rainy and cloudy day, so the views were not as great as they could have been!

Our second stop included a trip to a Japanese Garden, where we got to participate in a Tea Ceremony. The gardens were beautiful despite the weather:








We walked through the gardens into the Tea House, where we participated in a traditional tea ceremony:

DSC05014Outside the Tea House

DSC05018Being Greeted at the Entrance

Once we were inside the Tea House, we began the ceremony. The woman who performs the ceremony has learned to master this skill after years of practice and education.

DSC05019Tea Table

DSC05020Our Guide and the Tea Master

DSC05022Interior of the Tea House

We were given sweets before drinking our tea, called Higashi, to balance out the bitterness of it.


The Tea is made:



The green tea we drink back in the States is not the same thing that is served during the tea ceremony. We are used to the thin, watered down Arizona Green Teas, however this stuff is totally different. It’s actually called Matcha, which is powdered green tea. It has a bitter taste to it, and is combined with hot water.



Interestingly, there is a special way to drink the tea. You must hold the cup in a certain way, and rotate it before drinking. You should also finish the tea within a few sips.

DSC05034With the Tea Master after the Ceremony

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