Tokyo Day Tour: Asakusa

Asakusa was our last stop on our Tokyo Day Tour. We took a ferry ride from the Port of Tokyo to Asakusa.



DSC05122Our Ferry

DSC05131Going Under the Bridge

DSC05134More Bridges

DSC05144Asahi Brewery Headquarters, Shaped Like a Beer Mug

DSC05145Beautiful Bridge

After a short walk, we arrived at the Asakusa Kannon, or Sensoji, which is a Buddhist Temple. There is a front gate called the Kaminarimon, also known as the “Thunder Gate”. It’s the building with the huge lantern.


DSC05161Wooden Carving Underneath the Lantern

Inside the gate is the Nakamise Dori, which is a shopping street full of Japanese souvenirs. This was one of the best places for souvenir shopping, and you can find everything from a yukata, to tea sets, to food.

???????????????????????????????Nakamise Dori

At the end of the shopping street, we came upon the Hozomon, which is another gate leading to the temple:


DSC05175Pagoda on the left side of the Hozomon gate

DSC05177Nice Bathroom Stalls

DSC05178Vending Machine Full of Hot and Cold Drinks

DSC05181Giant Sandal On the Side of the Hozomon Gate

DSC05183Main Temple

DSC05186Burning Incense

DSC05189View of the Temple From Up Close

DSC05193Prayer Shrine Inside the Temple

While we were at Sensoji, a large group of school girls came running up to us. I’m not sure why, but they were very excited!! A few of them asked to get their pictures taken with us, and it was nice to feel like a celebrity for a few minutes!


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