Tivoli Gardens

While visiting Copenhagen, I came upon Tivoli Gardens, which is an old amusement park. It’s a very well known amusement park, and is located in the middle of the city. We didn’t know anything about it beforehand, and decided to visit on a whim.


It’s actually a very small amusement park, but it’s in the middle of the city so I can’t complain about the size too much. Right inside the park we found a pantomime theatre, but didn’t get to see any shows:


We also came upon a beautiful palace, which is actually a hotel inside the park! It’s called Hotel Nimb. Hotel Nimb has a few restaurants which you can eat at.


I have to post, on a side note, that the bathrooms here are ADORABLE. I know, that’s weird to say. But the bathrooms near the entrance were themed like a “chicken coop”, with painted floors and stalls that were made to look like outhouses. Very cute.



The Mine: This is a boat ride/log flume…similar to Disney’s Pirates of the Carribbean in function.

DSC03867 DSC03868

Rutschbanen: Really cool ride. While it isn’t a very tall or fast coaster, it’s awesome because it’s very old and the speed has to be controlled by a guy who sits on the ride and pulls a giant hand brake. What a job! I don’t know about you, but I think it would be awesome to be paid to ride roller coasters all day.

DSC03871 DSC03892

The Flying Trunk: Similar to Snow White’s Journey at Disney World. You basically sit in a slow moving treasure trunk, which takes you past famous Hans Christian Andersen stories…The Ugly Duckling, The Snow Queen, Princess and The Pea, etc.

DSC03874 DSC03875 DSC03876 DSC03877 DSC03878

Dæmomon: Red looping coaster. This was their most “intense” and largest coaster. This picture is a view from the lake

DSC03883DSC03890Chinese themed “town” underneath the ride

Vertigo: I did not go on this one, and quite frankly you must have a death wish if you do. This is a constantly looping plane ride. It doesn’t look very intimidating in photos, but the speed and the roar of those planes swooshing above just made me nauseous. Seriously, the thing goes 60 mph. Don’t get me wrong, I love looping and fast rides, but this was too much for me. And I have a feeling it might have been too much for the riders who were all tinted a shade of green at the end.

DSC03885 DSC03886


For lunch, we ate at a Danish restaurant called Paafuglen. Beautiful restaurant with indoor/outdoor seating. They do have menus in both English and Danish, although the service was almost nonexistent on the day we were there. This was my first experience with Danish food, and everything we ordered came as “small plates”. I ordered two salads, including a potato/beet salad. My favorite foods of course, were the bread and pickles!!


I hope you enjoyed my short introduction of Tivoli Gardens. We were only there for a few hours, but it was worth stopping in to see the park at least once. This would be a great park for people with children, because there are a ton of kid-friendly rides. They say that Disney was inspired by Tivoli Gardens, and I can see where that might be true. Don’t come to the park expecting thrill rides, because truthfully there aren’t many. But it’s a beautiful place to visit, nonetheless! By the way, don’t forget to stay long enough to see Tivoli at night. The entire park lights up at night, and everything is just really beautiful to see:

DSC03905 DSC03907 DSC03913

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  1. You must have been there is warmer weather. We are looking forward to going into the park and can’t wait to see it at night. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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